My Life Kit (TM)


Planet Earth

Our time on this planet is short and precious

We want to enable everyone to live their life in the healthiest, happiest and most fulfilling ways by balancing mind, body and soul through our unique technology platform – My Life Kit (MLK). All it takes is a few seconds of your time every day. Small steps will result in big changes in all aspects of your life – health, wealth, environment, friends and family.

MLK is a personal AI driven platform that revolutionises the way you look at and live your life

Our cutting-edge technology platform harnesses the power of data and science. It combines your health data and medical records, cross references them with environmental and global datasets and provides you with insights into lifestyle changes that will lead you on the path to a better life.

GP taking notes

Grant access to your profile to your GP, trusted professionals, friends and family

Prevention is better than cure, so you can effortlessly share all or some of your profile with your GP. They will be alerted to notable changes in your health and wellbeing and will be able to get an holistic view of your life to aid their assessment. You might also like to allow your dietician, psychologist, partner or friends to monitor your progress. You decide how much you want to share and with whom.



Only a few seconds of your time required every day for you to reap the benefits.



Your experience with MLK will be unique to you and your environment. And the more you use it, the more useful it will be.



Encrypted data and traffic across our site and you have control over who has access to your data and profile.


Recruiting Users

We are looking for people to help us make MLK the ultimate life companion app. If you would like to be considered to join our test program, please enter your details below. Thank you for your interest.