Map App


The Main View of the Map app allows a User to explore a World map with bubbles displaying Alerts across the dimensions used to build up a VioScore™ – Health, Credit, Environment and World.

The User can change the Time Period to display Today’s Alerts or an historical date. The Most Significant Events of the selected Time Period are displayed at the top of the screen. With sufficient access rights the User will also be able to Drill-down into a Country and its geographical regions as choropleth maps showing VioScores™*. Drilling-down to Street level and below (down to Household) switches to a street map view with VioScores™ represented on markers*.

The Alerts Panel shows more detail about selected Alerts and Most Significant Events, while a table showing all of the selected Time Period’s Alerts can be accessed via the Notification Bell.

* Country access and depth of drill down determined on a client by client basis.


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