Frequently Asked Questions

Many inquiries concerning My Life Kit have been directed to the My Life Kit & Kili Platform team. Owing to the interest in our business and to give newcomers a first insight we compiled the most often asked questions and responded to them in this article.

Get in contact with us if you wish to use our software to tackle the issues facing your company or organisation, sign up for a 3-day Bootcamp or just read our white paper here.

Alternatively, if are you already familiar with our company and would like to know what it’s like to work here, please continue reading. We are constantly searching for talented engineers and salespeople.

What is My Life Kit and its VioScore™?

With hubs in London, The Hague & New York, My Life Kit Limited is a European software corporation that was established in 2021. These days, My Life Kit is opening hubs all around the world, including Switzerland, and our headquarters are in London (United Kingdom) & New York (USA). We develop software because we believe that organisations and businesses can use technology to spark insights and unleash data to have a positive impact on the world.

Governmental organisations, health care institutions and research facilities are among our clients. Today, our platform Kili and its patented filed tool VioScore™ is used in many different verticals, and we are building solutions for healthcare, governments, identification, and finance. We are also strong in organisations who have made it their mission to protect data breaches, citizens and maintain legal compliance.

Whereas other tech businesses may build their business on gathering or selling data, we base ours on software sales. We are a software firm rather than a “data company” in that regard. All our solutions have data protection features built right in, allowing our clients to comply with stringent security and privacy requirements. You can learn more about how we handle that by requesting our privacy by design document on one of our solutions here.

Some of our clients want confidentiality, especially those in the government and health sectors. We are sometimes not able to discuss a cooperation in public as a result, but we will then try to publish a research project on this in our Research Projects page. This implies that we occasionally confront accusations that we are not really doing things that we are doing and criticism for maintaining our concealment. As a result, we are pleased to respond to frequently asked questions in our upcoming blog(s).

What exactly do MLK and Kili do?

We create and sell software to help you make data-driven decisions and measure that against the only variable that really counts, humans. Kili’s data-driven platforms, Kili Core, Intelligence and Science, combine data analysis with processes to deliver the right data and research to the right people and the right decision-maker at the right moment.

Kili Core enables your organisation to manage and deploy software on its own terms, wherever your organisation needs it most. Together, with our patent filed VioScore™ our platforms provide cutting-edge analytics, seamless collaboration, and continual improvement of your organisation.

As a software company, My Life Kit’s business model isn’t based on the monetization of personal data, our index is built on publicly available data. At My Life Kit, we don’t collect, analyze, or sell our customers’ personal information for our own benefit. Instead, we build and sell software platforms and software licenses.

We want to give our customers an operating system that allows them to process their data according to their rules and objectives. Data protection and security play an important role in the architecture of My Life Kit. If you want to know more about our architecture, let us know and we will be happy to connect.

Does My Life Kit benefit from access to customer data?

No, My Life Kit does not use customer data for its own purposes. We do not create and train AI models based on customer data, nor do we reuse customer data for our own purposes or to sell to third parties.

We also do not allow customers to share data unless they explicitly agree to share data as part of a shared project. Technically, we only allow data exchange between customers if both customers agree to share data in a shared project. We always describe ourselves as a suite of tools. You buy the suite, but whatever you compose or produce with it is yours. Whilst we work with selected partners to co-develop solutions, we have a data framework to accept and comply with these partners.

The use of our software and services is exclusively for the benefit of our customers. The use of the data is the customer’s responsibility. The use of analytics is the responsibility of the customer. The customer has complete control over the use of the analytics. In addition, we do not reuse or transfer any of our customer’s data for our use. All collaborations with a customer are separate — contractual, operational and technically — from any other customer relationship unless, as stated above, the customer explicitly requests to enter into such a collaboration.

AI and data analytics are “hot” words these days, and a lot of companies provide services that connect with “dashboard” data analytics in some form or another. How is what MLK does different?

There are a few things that set us apart from the competition. Our biggest one is VioScore™. This unique identifier, based on science, is rapidly becoming a standard in research and measuring human and region-centric data. We consider our software to be the building block of the modern enterprise. We offer platforms with powerful analytical capabilities, backed by our industry-leading experience in operational process.

But it’s not just about analytics and insights. It’s about providing customers with the information they need to make decisions based on real-time, granular data, both in the field and in the highest levels of decision-making. If you are interested in getting to know this just sign up for a three days bootcamp here.

At My Life Kit, we think of an organization as a collection of decisions, and usually only the collectively made decisions are the ones that make the biggest improvement. Those decisions are complex and interdependent. We think it’s common in organizations for decisions to be made in siloed departments and that information about those decisions may not be available to other departments. Kili’s platforms bring clarity to the chaos and give our customers a unified view of all the data they need. The outcome is an organization that is more connected and makes better, longer-term decisions which then enhances and improves peoples’ lives.

Drawing on our standing relationships with leading research institutions around the world, we deploy our platforms quickly and effectively for our customers. We don’t sell PowerPoints or tell you what you can do with AI – you know that already. We implement and make a difference. Our experience and technology allows us to reduce the time to deployment from months to a matter of days. Data protection and security are at the core of everything we do and are built into our architecture. We think that our platforms should not only support our customers’ compliance with current data protection and privacy requirements, but also continually evolve to meet emerging legal requirements and societal expectations in the future.

Would My Life Kit ever limit the use of software on ethical grounds?

Yes, we would. We are fully cognizant of our ethical responsibility to prevent the misuse of our technology. We generally do not work with clients or governments whose policies or actions we believe conflict with our mission to promote western liberal democracy and its strategic allies. In all cases, we carefully evaluate potential clients and potential uses for compliance with our values and principles.