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My Life Kit & Ensōlab are presenting their Digital Sandbox research project on 25th April in London

Following acceptance by the FCA’s Digital Sandbox, My Life Kit and its innovative VioScore™ have now concluded research on how to use alternative datasets to create a more rounded index for people, organisations, and governments. This index, which builds on ONS and other public datasets, is solving current issues like economic disparities and creating a complete overview of the UK and its inhabitants.

Currently, financial data is the key driver of credit scores, identification and fraud prevention.
My Life Kit’s VioScore™ is rapidly building a new verified index built on more factors than just credit. This index can also be used to create a rounder view on health, inclusion, identification etc. After successfully building this index for a few countries and clients in the health and finance industry, My Life Kit now is planning to build a verified index in the UK.

In order to safeguard both the security and integrity of the utilised data, My Life Kit’s app store has partnered with Ensōlab to provide cutting-edge security solutions. As the world is producing more and more data every day, the protection of this data is more important than ever. Whilst current solutions work at the software level, Ensōlab’s state-of-the-art, patented solutions work at the hardware level of the IT infrastructure to prevent cyberattacks and malware infections before they happen.

Working in the Digital Sandbox has been a key element of this process. Utilising our access to nearly 300 synthetic, public and anonymised datasets, and with the guidance provided through the platform, this will now be demonstrated in a showcase at the FCA London office on the 25th April 2024.

My Life Kit
With My Life Kit, governments & organisations can safely extract valuable insights from sensitive data and accomplish even the most difficult operational goals, this all with VioScore™ as a verified index to measure against. With the goal of assisting clients in using their data more safely and ethically, My Life Kit was established in 2021.

At Ensōlab, we are deeply committed to the belief that innovation, driven by mindfulness, simplicity, and ethics, not only benefits our clients’ businesses but also has a positive impact on society. Our vision is anchored in the pursuit of innovation with the goal of making a lasting impact on the digital world. We believe that true innovation emerges from a synergy of cutting-edge research, practical application, and unwavering ethical principles.

Our mission is to harness the power of knowledge to develop solutions that advance our clients’ businesses and contribute positively to the well-being of society. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible, constantly exploring new ideas and challenging conventional thinking, while ensuring that our innovations are both effective and accessible.

The Financial Conduct Authority regulates the conduct of nearly 50,000 firms to ensure that UK financial markets are honest, competitive, and fair.

The Digital Sandbox
First piloted in 2020, the Digital Sandbox has shown that collaboration and access to data can stimulate beneficial innovation in the market. The Sandbox hosts a marketplace of nearly 300 synthetic, public or anonymised data sets and over 1,000 APIs for innovators to develop their solutions and data providers to generate interest to their products.

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