My Life Kit becomes trusted partner of The Institute for Positive Health

Following several weeks exploring possibilities, the tech team of My Life Kit™ (MLK) and the Institute for Positive Health (iPH) are set to proceed to the next step in implementing the technical aspects of the iPH movement through MLK and its innovative VioScore™.

MLK’s VioScore™, is rapidly building a new verified index, incorporating a comprehensive range of factors beyond traditional credit metrics. This multi-dimensional index aims to provide a more holistic perspective on health, inclusion, identification, and related parameters.

The Institute for Positive Health (iPH) stands as the driving force behind the Positive Health movement, dedicated to stimulating, strengthening, and accelerating the adoption of Positive Health concepts.

The collaboration between My Life Kit and iPH will mutually reinforce their positions in the Dutch and international arenas, enhancing awareness of Positive Health in relation to other factors, and ideally make a bigger impact together.

Having successfully built VioScore™ for various countries and clients within the health and finance sectors, the first phase of this collaborative journey involves the integration of iPH questionnaires and vision into MLK’s Artificial Intelligence-driven system, Kili™. This dynamic partnership is expected to yield initial results by the end of Q1 2023 with subsequent exploration of further opportunities in the near future.

My Life Kit
With My Life Kit, governments & organisations can safely extract valuable insights from sensitive data and accomplish even the most difficult operational goals, this all with VioScore™ as a verified index to measure against. With the goal of assisting clients in using their data more safely and ethically, My Life Kit was established in 2021.

The Institute for Positive Health
Positive Health is a broader view of health, elaborated in six dimensions. This broader approach contributes to people’s ability to deal with physical, emotional, and social challenges in life — and to be in charge of their own affairs, whenever possible.

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